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I do work with a few marketing firms to provide infographics for my company, but when I
approached Legacy Digital Team, I was impressed with their professionalism and high-
quality infographics which add value to my social media platforms. Many thanks to the
Legacy Digital Team!

Darshan Kudukar
, AddWise Financials

As stated in their tagline, "Legacy Digital – Your Partner In Progress," they have been my
partner in progress for the past six months while I have been connected to them. Every day
in advance, without fail, Legacy Digital creates new idea posters .I get fantastic videos on
festivals and other occasions, which my clients really value. Also, my questions and concerns
are always promptly addressed by the team if any.
Connecting with Mr. Elayaraja Nadar and his staff was a delight.
Wishing to work with them for a long time.

Dholkhedia Barkha

Hello. R.S. Kohli here. Our company, Kohli Consulting, offers consulting services for life and
non-life insurances both online and offline as well as in sales and after sales.
Since December 25th, 2020, Ms. Kimi has been introducing me to "LEGACY DIGITAL
INFOGRAPHICS." She described how this info graphic material might be shared with
prospects and clients in a digital manner.
It was fascinating; she answered all my questions. Also, it was wonderful to chat with Mr
Nadar, the CEO. Even under Pandemic conditions, we were able to increase overall
revenues, and to be honest, LEGACY Digital has been a crucial part of my company.
The development team deserves praise and thanks for coming up with new images every
day and making sure to include all significant events, functions, social gatherings, etc. in the
limited area available. We pray that Legacy Digital info graphics arrives with more of these
creative and we look forward to a very long Association.

R.S Kohli
, Kohli Consultancy

I'm Prakash Nayak, and I've worked in the insurance industry for sixteen years.
For marketing, I use a few apps and applications. Then, when I came across numerous
Legacy Digital posters on the page of one of my connections in between. I immediately
subscribed to it. Now, each day at 8 AM.I have a new poster ready. What I enjoy is the
creativity, the choice of photographs, and the wordings. (Others use conventional phrase;
Legacy Digital is distinct.) Last but not least, The ONE LINER that makes an impact at the
Sincerely, I have not received any calls from potential customers, but they will undoubtedly
remember. (A few of my regular suppliers supported it and told me it was great to see my
status) Therefore, I sincerely appreciate Legacy's Digital amazing Posters. We Wish You
Good Luck And Prosperity. Once Again thank you Mr. Elayaraja

Prakash Nayak
, LIC Life Insurance

I found Legacy Digital service good, excellent content and creativity with excellent picture

Manisha Chetan Nagda
, LIC Life Insurance

Legacy Digital Used To Provide Me My Personalised Images Every Day Before 9 AM. I used to regularly put it on my whatsapp status. I generated more leads than earlier and was able to do some quick sales

Mr. Suresh Pawar
LIC Advisor –, Fort, Mumbai

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